Hi I'm Rebecca thanks for dropping by...

My passion and purpose became apparent after my first Reiki experience. It had such a profound impact on my wellbeing. I felt calmer, my body felt more relaxed, and I experienced a deep sense of peace within. After just a few sessions, my life changed dramatically, it became much more authentic, enriched, and fulfilled.  It did, however, mean a divorcee,

(hello single life) a move from a small village to a beautiful city, (finally good coffee) and following my heart's desires!

Now it's my absolute privilege to help people tune into their intuition find their soul purpose and reach their utmost potential in mind, body, spirit health, and wellbeing. It's so cliche, but happiness does start on the inside.


In my early 30's from the outside, it seemed like I had a perfect life. I was married, had two beautiful children, and we were renovating our dream home. We had a property company, a bed and breakfast and decided to purchase a cafe. Happy in some respects but dissatisfied and unfulfilled in other respects. Shining on the outside but empty on the inside. I keep taking on things and being busy to fill the void inside me. Before long, my stressful lifestyle started to unravel me, which manifested itself through back pain, sleep deprivation, and depression. Was this really 'it'. I began educating myself in Nutrition, Ayurveda, Psychology, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Feng Shui, Crystals, and Spirituality. I wanted answers on how to live a fulfilling life. I never expected I was going to become a healer, but it seemed to encompass everything I loved. After assisting those close to me, I choose to embrace this passion and establish my own business of Energy Healing and Spiritual Empowerment Coaching.  


I have since trained with Guru's, Sharmans, Master Healers, and Medical Intuitives from around the world. As well as being a Medical Intuitive I am an Advanced Pranic Healer, a Reiki Master a Priestess in training.




Rebecca Wilson

My mission is to help you understand your Energy and how to manage it well so you can achieve your goals, attract abundance and feel amazing.