Medical Intuitive

As a Medical Intuitive Rebecca takes into consideration all aspects of wellness; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Using her Intuitive abilities, spiritual gifts, compassionate coaching, and professional training, Rebecca is dedicated to assisting her clients to heal themselves on the deepest levels of body, mind, and soul so that they can start living a more peaceful, authentic, and vibrant life. The most profound healings happen at an energetic level.


Rebecca's goal is to empower her clients by giving them the personal information and tools they need that will assist them in shifting, changing, healing, and furthering them on their journey. 



Throughout a session, Rebecca will connect and receive information from her guides, relating to energetic imbalances that may need alignment or treatment. Often we don't realize how our past actions, exposures, and choices affect our current health conditions. 


That Thyroid problem might have more to do with you not expressing your truth than the typical, "it's dysfunctional, let's remove it" explanation you get from most Dr's. The ovarian cyst that you were told not to worry about could well be connected to that unhealed Mother-Daughter relationship or trauma from your childhood. If your suffering from back pain and so is your work colleague the original cause is going to be completely different. They might be suffering from financial difficulties while you may well be storing a lot of old unprocessed emotions. A Medical Intuitive Session is extremely helpful in going to the root cause of an of your pains, life patterns, or illnesses. Absolutely anything that you are experiencing that 'doesn't feel right' can be traced back through a session.


Some reasons people come to a Medical Intuitive;


  • They have tried ‘everything else’ and nothing seems to be working

  • You want to improve your mental and physical well-being

  • Chronic pain and headaches 

  • Feeling ‘off’ and don't know why

  • Fatigue or Insomnia 

  • Addictions 

  • To assist with weight loss

  • Having difficultly moving on from a relationship 

  • For guidance in taking back your confidence and personal power 

  • Constipation 

  • Symptoms in the female reproductive area 

  • Continue to experience the same 'patterns' in life

  • Ready to take the next step but are feeling blocked 

  • Feeling  'stuck' in making a big life decision


As we go through life we also go through challenges. Each challenge can create an energetic signature that takes up residence in your body and manifests physically. A Medical Intuition session can provide answers to these questions and more. Once you know the root cause of your pain, you can finally begin to work towards vibrant health and wellness.