How to find your Soul purpose?

I spent most of my life blindly following the rules of success without ever considering if I was happy. In the last couple of years I buried my needs to support my husband’s business and to raise our family. I actually did what I thought I was supposed to do in order to be a good wife and a good Mum without even considering what I wanted. I thought that wanting more was being selfish and I should be totally grateful for all that I had. However, I felt empty inside. Then it all came to a big holt. This was my soul saying 'wrong direction'!!!

I was burnt out or soul-starved, my physically body just shut down. I then began to ask ‘What’s my souls purpose’? How is it that I have everything I need to live but still feel like there is something missing inside. This lead me on an incredible journey of remembering who I was, because before that moment I actually had no idea.

The moment you decide you want to know more, synchronicities begin to happen.

Out of the blue, a good friend of mine loaned me the book Unthread soul written by Michael Singer, it blew my mind! Of course it was always there Body-Mind-Soul but on some level I had always discounted the soul part and what it really meant.

I began to research like a wild woman, any article any podcast just anything basically that could inform me about the soul. I did find a lot of information but the problem was, I wanted to know so badly what my soul purpose was. This meant answering a lot of questions about myself and I was so unconscious, so out of alignment at the time that I even struggled with that. Obviously this made me even more determined.

So here are some things I wish I knew from the very beginning. If you are really curious as to what you Soul purpose is hopefully the tip below will bring you closer to knowing!

1. Get a physic reading done!

This was the craziest thing that ever happened! I told my best friend about what I was currently experiencing, and she recommended that I get a photo reading done. I had never really heard of this but I was pretty desperate and determined and was willing to give any thing a go. I was living in Germany at the time and the physic medium was living in Australia. The cost of the photo reading was $40. Vanessa didn't have paypal and I didn't have a credit card and transferring from bank to bank is always such a nuisance. So I asked myself, how can I get $40 to Vanessa. I was sitting at my desk, in my office, when two minutes later my mobile notified me someone had sent a message, it was my Mum saying she had found some old lotto tickets of mine from when we were there at Christmas and I had won $39, what would she like me to do with the money. I could not believe this! Obviously I asked her to transfer it to Vanessa immediately.

The reading gave me so much clarification about who I was and what was happening in my life as well as the path I would be taking! Whoa! How could someone on the other side of the world know more about me just from looking a photo I had emailed her, I was so perplexed. Anyway this I would have to say is the BIGGEST 'short cut' in finding out what your soul purpose is.

2. Getting my human design done

Human Design is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. It’s not another personality test, it uses your birth information to calculate your unique energy blueprint for a very precise outline of your true nature.

At this stage I was still not familiar with the spiritual world so this also blew my mind when all I had given to Amanda Green, on the other side of the world, my Birth date and Name. I literally laughed the entire way through the session because I couldn't believe every sentence that came out of her mouth explained me to a tee. It was totally amazing. It things I knew about myself, but to have someone confirm that's who I was because of the time I was born just gave me so much reassurance!

3. Ask yourself who are your role models?

What books do you read, who do you follow on Instagram, who inspires you like no other, these are all clues leading you in the direction of your soul purpose. I loved watching Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Ophra Winfrey, Gabby Bernstine and Ted Ex. I really enjoyed watching anyone who was passionate about what they did as well as passionate about helping people too reach the upmost potential in their lives.

4. What do I do for the sheer joy of it?

I didn't realise it until much later but I was always obsessed about energy. I would eat a certain way to 'give me more energy' I would always move the furniture in our home 'to freshen up the energy' I would exercise 'to give me energy' but it never occurred to me once that this would be the basis of my work.

Whenever somebody was sick I would literally research every oil, every alternative healing method, people who had experienced the same challenges anything and everything thing as to find a solution. I wouldn't have time for some things, but some how I always made time for that. While I was researching the time would just fly by. I would mostly forget to eat or drink because I was so immersed in the research. Again it never occurred to me, at the time that researching the information and sharing this in order to help people heal was part of my soul purpose. It was so second nature to me that I almost overlooked it.

Think about what comes naturally to you, what leaves me feeling fulfilled. Where do I or where would I spend the majority of my money.

5. Follow your feeling, what lights you up!

Rebecca Campbell stated this perfectly!

"Your soul is always calling you. It doesn’t call on the telephone and it rarely ever shouts. Your soul calls in whispers, in subtle feelings, niggles and yearnings. Your soul calls in enthusiasm, in jealously, in what pisses you off and in what makes you shit scared.

But the quickest and easiest way I know to find your soul’s calling is to follow the trail of things that light you up.

When you follow what lights you up you light up you are in your spirit. When you are in your spirit you are in flow with the universe. When you are in flow with the universe your life is in alignment. When your life is in alignment you are living the life that you were born to live AND even better, the life that ONLY you can live.

6. Stop making excuses

Stop making excuses! I’m not good enough, it won’t pay my bills, there are so many other people doing the same thing. These are all excuses, most of the time the only thing that is standing in our way is ourselves. Like everyone, you have to start somewhere.

One question to ask yourself is "if it wasn't impossible what would I do next", this opens you up for so many opportunities. You have had your own unique experiences and challenges that have totally shaped you as a person, hidden within your challenges is your treasure, your light your magic!


7. Knowing it's not a destination!

What I believe to be true is that searching for your Souls purpose is more about coming in to alignment with who you really are. The ultimate purpose of the soul is to learn, grow, evolve and become more conscious while here on earth. It's about remembering who we really are at our core. Life won't be without challenges, we need challenges in order to grow, however you will start to see them happening for you as apposed to happening against you.

You know when you ask your parents "how will I know if he is the ONE" to which they reply "you will know" that's kind of the way it happens with your soul purpose, you will just know.

The first time I read about the energy anatomy I could hardly breath because of excitement, it was like I had found the missing piece of the puzzle however when I mentioned this to my husband it was the least interesting thing he had heard all day. If you are questioning some things about your life or seek any sort of guidance feel free to contact me. Happy soul searching :)