Tooth pain, not what you think!

Lisa called last week because she was experiencing excruciating pain in one of her teeth. Most people would just write this off, go to the dentist and have it worked on, but Lisa had consistently had problems in her mouth, throat and jaw area and was fully aware of the mind-body connection (Mostly, anything that's happening physically in our bodies is a manifestation of something emotional.)

Dry lips, a sore throat and constantly coughing, it was never ending for Lisa. At the beginning of the session she also mentioned that when she was 18, she had a car accident which left her with a broken jaw that had to be wired shut. As well as the fact that she hated Valentine’s Day but never knew why.

The mouth, throat, neck, thyroid glands and jaw area is all about how we communicate and the ability to speak our authentic truth. Not just speaking our truth, but also expressing who we are....

I asked her to say her name and date of birth (all my sessions are done over the phone) and with this I was able to connect to her energy field. I began to scan her energy field with the intention of finding the cause of her tooth pain. The first image that came into my awareness was someone stabbing her in the neck on the right side, as it was the right side I knew immediately it was a female. (Images are either literal or symbolic, as she had never experienced this physically so I knew it was symbolic of her having the feeling of someone stabbing her.) When I explained to her the image I had received, she immediately said it was her step-mother. I also saw a man (her father) and together they were standing in fire (evil like representation) to which she confirmed they had sexually, mentally, emotionally and physically abused her as a child in horrific ways, most of which she could not remember because she had shut out.

I was intuitively guided to ask Lisa if it is possible they would say to her "this is how we show you we love you" as she was being abused, to which she replied "I feel like I needed to vomit."

Whenever a client has a strong emotional reaction during a session, it means we have hit a deep truth even though it my not be registered in the conscious it’s certainly something that’s deep within the sub-conscious. This experience obviously left her with a very perverse meaning about what love meant, that was triggered every Valentine’s day. When we are triggered by external events it means there is something within us that wants to be healed or resolved. After acknowledging this we were then able to go on the heal the situation.

Nothing in life 'Just Happens’ there is always a reason, so when Lias told me about her car accident that left her jaw broken in which her mouth needed to be wired together I knew immediately there was more to it. I was guided to ask her if it possible that she ever wished that her mouth would not open (due to the horrific things she experienced, things being put in her mouth against her will not only from her father but she was also forced to so sexual acts for her mother). She said it makes complete sense to her.

The car accident was no accident at all, she had manifested it. What may seem like a coincidence to most people is actually the laws of the universe at work. Whenever we have a strong emotion (positive or negative) together with a vow/curse/wish/promise there is so much more power behind it. The stronger the emotion the more set in stone is the declaration of what we want, or don't want.

With that we again worked together to reverse the vow she had made as not only did the vow affect her physically (leaving her with a broken jaw) but it also affecter her emotionally as well. She had spent her entire life not being able to speak up about her needs and wants.

Lisa then asked if we could explore deeper as she felt like there was something else affecting the tooth but she could quite put her finger on it. I was taken visually (like how you see things when you dream) into the deepest darkest parts of the sewer. What came next into my awareness was the Step-Mother and Father playing dentist with her (and not in a nice way), when I informed her of the visual I received she broke down in tears (again, this always informs me we have uncovered a deep truth). Lisa responded "oh my God I hate going to the dentist and I never knew why!"

On some level she was aware the event had taken place (this is why her reaction was so strong as I mentioned what I was seeing) but many times she thought she was making it up because no parent could sadistically do something like that to a child, and also the event was so traumatic she has buried it deep into her sub-conscious…

It’s the first time for her she was able to put all the pieces together for the tooth ache and life long problems with mouth pain… Together we did a soul retrieval to heal that part of her past and for her to take her power back.

I was amazed at this woman’s strength and courage to want to heal this painful event. You (as with all of my clients) are so inspiring for me…. It’s only when we acknowledge something is off in our lives and we start asking 'why' can the healing journey begin.

The best part, Lisa called me two day later saying the pain in her tooth had alleviated, she was shouting for the first time at her son's baseball game like it was no-ones business and really enjoyed belting out a tune in the car. All the things she had not been able to do in the past.