Womb healing

The Womb together with the Womb Chakra is the most powerful energetic point within you. Different from the second chakra, it is its own chakra point and is the hidden key to tremendous healing, creativity, and abundance that is available to all humans.


It is the highest, holiest place in your body.

Much trauma and karma are stored in the Womb Chakra, and through a system of sacred processes, its purification can bring forth great transformation, abundance, and healing in your life.


The Womb Chakra is the Sacred Feminine energy in you, and purifying your Womb Chakra gives you access to your true divine power by connecting with the most powerful energetic point in the body.


If any of the following resonate, you may be receiving a nudge to explore this work: 

  • You have a low libido

  • You experience pain during sex and no one can tell you why

  • You are experiencing any kind of symptoms in your female reproductive area (Endrometirotis, POCS, cysts, something doesn't 'smell' right, fibromyalgia)

  • You want to heal heartbreak (from any time in your life)

  • You are having trouble falling pregnant

  • You have experienced an abortion or a miscarriage 

  • You have an imbalance in bacteria and it smells not how it should

  • You've had any type of negative sexual experience or trauma

  • You are looking for the missing piece in your healing journey

  • You want to be a stronger healer

  • You want to clear karma and ancestral wounds

  • You want to conceive a child in a sacred way

  • You want to heal your relationship with your mother







I work to purify your Womb

At the beginning of the session, you will have the opportunity to share what is on your heart. You are held in a confidential, protected, energetic space with peace, safety, compassion, and love. 


This is soul-level healing and is just as powerful an experience whether in person or remote. It is a spiritual process, so the results of the healing will vary based on the all-knowing wisdom of Divine Mother. A single session is one experience of healing that may require more sessions or your own continued purification practices to achieve the desired results. Afterward, you will receive tools and techniques to continue the healing process on your own.